They Keyword Academy is basically all about teaching you the importance of good keyword research, the creators of this site, Court & Mark, have a very simple formula that one can use to evaluate the potential to make money by choosing the right keywords. They teach you that doing good keyword research and finding those words that will make you money is the very first thing one should do before creating a site, blog, web page in the hopes of making money online.

They offer a crash course for $1 for one month so you can test out their methods, and see for yourself how it works. I have joined the course myself and managed to keep my monthly membership going by making enough money from creating 15 niche sites, that Mark & Court will teach you, as with any new comer this is just one of the methods they teach you. You will also learn what cousins keywords are, and how to implement them into your content to increase search engine traffic.

They will also teach you how to make money buy optimizing and creating 100 Hubs with HubPages, and the importance of quality back links and where to get these back links from, for this will increase your rankings in the search engines.. learning the importance of good keyword research is their main theme, and how to optimize for those keywords that will make you money. It is not enough to just slap up a site and hope it will bring in the big bucks.. you will need to learn all you can about finding key words that will make you a profit, once you do , you can climb to the top of the serps and target the real money. This is known as organic traffic and for your first months membership you will get to watch a series of videos that will show you exactly how to make money buy targeting organic traffic, and a step buy step process to archive this, so don’t be fooled by sites that claim to make you money in a matter of weeks, it truly does take commitment and time, but if you stick with it you will see results.

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