Snag a Roborock Vacuum for up to 44% Off for Black Friday [SPONSORED]

Save up to 44% on Roborock robot vacuums

The biggest shopping season of the year is here, and Roborock’s dolling out deals like it’s going out of style. From today through December 4th (unless otherwise listed), save up to 44% on 13 different products, from ultra-powerful flagships to penny-pinching base options and everything in between. Whatever your needs or budget, there’s something here for you and your home.

Roborock S7 Series for up to 37% Off

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra sitting in its auto empty dock

Re-engineered to take the robot vacuum industry to the next level, the S7’s rubber brush, vibrating mop, and sonic carpet sensor set the stage for Roborock’s most advanced lineup ever. Check out the base S7 for $409.99 ($240 off) and S7+ with auto-emptying dock for $679.99 ($270 off).

For more power, grab the upgraded S7 MaxV for $639.99 ($220 off) or S7 MaxV Plus with auto-empty dock for $869.99 ($290 off). If you want the absolute best of the bunch, the ultimate S7 MaxV Ultra with the most suction power ever found in a Roborock vacuum is the only way to go at $1,059.99 ($340 off).

An Affordable Favorite for up to 44% Off

Roborock E5 Mop on a red and white background

As the tried and true affordable workhorse of the Roborock lineup, the E5 Mop for $199.99 ($160 off) offers an effective combination of carpet cleaning and mopping capabilities for homes with a variety of floor surfaces. All in all, its many years of proven automated cleaning power have earned the E5 Mop a place near the top of holiday wishlists (and deal roundups) everywhere.

Even More Roborock Vacuum Deals

Roborock Q5 robot vacuum driving toward its auto empty dock on the floor

If you’re not tempted by the all-star options or the popular picks above, Roborock’s got plenty more discounts on everything from the affordable non-mopping E5 for $179.99 ($110 off), to the manual handheld Dyad for $314.99 ($135 off).

There’s also the brand new allergy-busting Q series to consider. These include the Q5 with its deep cleaning 2700 Pa of suction for $299.99 ($130 off) and the Q5+ with included auto-empty dock for $479.99 ($220 off). A step above that is the even more capable Q7+ with auto-empty dock for $549.99 ($250 off). Then if you want to pull out all the stops, choose the Q7 Max with a dust-obliterating 4200 Pa of suction for $399.99 ($200 off) or its cousin with an auto-empty dock, the Q7 Max+ for $599.99 ($270 off).

Give Yourself the Gift of Free Time With a Roborock Vacuum

Roborock logo on a Black Friday background

With up to 13 different vacuums to choose from, Roborock’s Black Friday Sale offers something for everyone. Whether you want extreme power, lower prices, or superior convenience, it’s all here. Simply pick your favorite model from the links below, throw it into your Amazon cart, check out, and you’re done. You now never have to waste precious time vacuuming your home by hand again.

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