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Paula at Slidesmania provides FREE Google Slides (and PowerPoint and Canva) templates for you to have spiffy looking presentations. My add-on Hyperlink Slides Choice Board makes it easy to turn your Google Slides into a choice board with links to the directions for each choice. However, I needed to update the Add-on for it to work with Slidesmania.

Collects NO User Data. Hyperlink Slides Choice Board is COPPA and FERPA compliant since it collects no student data at all.

Start ANY Google Slides

You can begin with ANY Google Slides, including one you downloaded for free from Slidesmania.

Now works with Slidesmania!

Table of Contents

Design your first slide to be your table of contents. ANY shapes, images, or texboxes that are not on the background will be linked to a new slide. You simply need to decide what options you want. Create a textbox or shape for that choice and design your choice board table of contents.

Use the Extensions menu in Google Slides to select “Hyperlink Slides Choice Board.” I use the option for “Text on Slides.” This will create a new slide for each item on the table of contents. Text in the textbox or on the shape will be added to the title spot on the connected slide. If an item was linked to a slide that you did not intend to be a choice option, simply delete the slide.

Slidesmania and Choice Boards Extensions menu in Google Slides choose with slidesmania

Slidesmania Option

If you are using a template from SlidesMania you will need to choose the option “With SlidesMania” instead of “Text on Slides.” You will be prompted for which layout number you want to use for the linked slides.

If in doubt, choose 2.

First go to the View menu. Then select “Theme Builder.” This will show you the list of layouts. This is how the slide number is determined. Not always, but oftentimes the title layout is layout number 2. It’s my default when I’m not sure which number to select. You can always Control Z undo if it was not the layout you expected.

Publish to the Web

When sharing choice boards with students I want the hyperlinks to navigate them around the choice board. I do not intend for the Slides to be viewed in edit mode. Use the File menu to select “Share” and “Publish to the Web.” The Publish to the Web link forces presentation mode when students view the choice board.

Share the slidesmania and choice board by using the File menu and choosing Share and Publish to the web.

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Steps for Slidesmania Choice Board

First create a Google Slides or download from SlidesMania
Then on the first slide design the choices in individual textboxes.
Third use the Add-on under the Extensions menu.
Fourth select “With SlidesMania” and enter the number 2 when prompted.
Then, design your SlidesMania choice board with the directions for each choice.
Lastly, use the File menu to choose “Share” and select “Publish to the Web.”

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