Save Time with Randomize Slides

My awesome co-author Christine Pinto is a super amazing Kindergarten teacher. She sent out a tweet the other day with a tip on how to use my Randomize Slides Add-on for daily word review.

Rethinking Google Slides

Presentations are typically pretty linear. You would not want to shuffle up your presentation! However, when we get creative and use Google Slides for student interactions a lot more possibilities open up.

Randomize Slides by shuffle slides in google slides.

Shuffle Slides

There are many uses for shuffling your Google Slides.

Spiral Review is great for learning.

Creating a Google Slides with review questions, vocabulary words, or sight words can be shuffled to have a quick warm up each day.

Extensions menu randomize slides by Alice Keeler choose randomize slides


  1. Create a Google Slides presentation with the words or questions.
  2. Keep adding to the Google Slides as the school year goes on.
  3. Use the Randomize Slides Add-on by Alice Keeler to shuffle the slides. This is located in the Extensions menu in Google Slides.
  4. Click on Slideshow to display the first, and now random, slide to students.
  5. Keep adding more slides and keep randomizing!
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