Top 10 Mobile Optimization Best Practices For E-commerce Sites

When it comes to the efficiency of an e-commerce website, Smartphones are the most favorable platforms and an integral part of the web design. Moreover, such devices have been proved to be a highly utilized source for Google searches, greater than the searches on desktops or laptops. The use of Smartphones is extremely widespread that the matter of how to optimize an e-commerce website for such gadgets has turned out to be one of the key concerns of the service providers for web design services in Reno.

The following are some of the most promising and proven tips that can help to yield relatively high conversions:

  • Three elements Of course, the elements to incorporate in the web design depend on the requirements of any specific client, however, there are three crucial elements to take in when it comes to optimizing an e-commerce website for Smartphones – “Add to Cart” link, checkout link and a homepage link. It will certainly help the designer to draw attention to the promotions and quite a lot of other crucial things for customers on the website, spread the word on special offers and introduce new product launches.
  • Fixed navigation bar Do not allow the shoppers to scroll and swipe past the most important content on the website. The skilled professionals at a top-rated web design agency in Reno always give surety that the most crucial information of the client is getting enough screen time, which is made possible with the implementation of a fixed navigation bar. This integration helps to make certain that the shoppers are getting the vital information and moreover, improves the flow of things through the website.
  • Limit the text usage on product pages In contrast to the browser on desktop computers, the space on a Smartphone is more limited. So, it needs to be designed in view of that, but without compromising the display of crucial information. To accomplish such needs, experienced web designers always focus on limiting the use of text in the product pages, but also make sure that the process of making a decision does not turn out to be complicated for the shoppers.
  • Product photography positioning Browsing an e-commerce website on a Smartphone is all about the visual experience. Visually unattractive e-commerce website design usually results in an abandoned cart and makes shoppers go away from the website frequently. In throughout shopping experience, the product descriptions play a vital role, but not much when it comes to shopping on a Smartphone.
  • Real pictures Using real, authentic pictures in the e-commerce website design will certainly act to convert a window shopper into an instant customer. Shoppers usually are less interested in products that only have the descriptions. Real and genuine pictures lessen the rate of uncertainty about what the product actually looks like.

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