currently, in circulation, there will be the presence of the latest smartphone from Apple.

Apple has just released four new phones in the iPhone 12 lineup that are all-new from design to best features.

According to predictions, the iPhone 12 lineup consists of four versions, namely the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Max Pro.

As Apple has done with its newest product, the iPhone 12 offers an increase in specifications when compared to the previous series, currently, the i phone has shown one of its best features by supporting the 5G network system.

For processors, for example, the iPhone 12 lineup uses the A14 Bionic chipset. The four new cellphones now also support 5G networks.

What’s interesting about the iPhone 12 series is beyond the specifications which at the same time differentiates each iPhone from each generation.

Increased specifications are mandatory for every new series, but a feature is an innovation that is not necessarily embedded in the new series,

Here’s what’s new in the iPhone 12 lineup from features to design.

1. Design

Not a few said that the design of the iPhone 12 reminds us of the famous iPhone 5 line of its time.

The Verge even mentions the iPhone 12 design with flat aluminum sides similar to the iPhone 4 released a decade ago.

This is the first major redesign of the bezel-less Apple smartphone screen since the iPhone X was released in 2017.

Apple also maintains the iPhone X’s wide “bangs” style to accommodate the front camera and various sensors.

2. Features

For quite a lot of features that can be peeled off. Apple also made a bold decision that sparked consumer debate.

The first is MagSafe, a wireless charging technology or wireless charging, as proclaimed Macrumors. This technology is quite practical.

IPhone 12 owners can simply stick their cellphones to the MagSafe like they are gluing iron to a magnet. Apple even released three MagSafe accessories at once, namely chargers, cases, and wallets.

MagSafe uses magnetic pins to connect the charging cable to the device and is best known as an essential accessory for MacBooks.

Because of the MagSafe accessory, Apple sells the iPhone 12 without a charger. There are also no earpods in the cellphone box. The cardboard box only contains an iPhone and a USB-C to Lightning Cable.

The pretext of Apple’s bold decision is to reduce carbon emissions and the use of materials used to make the item, as proclaimed USA Today.

Apple says customers already have more than 700 million earpods and many customers have switched to wireless earpods or AirPods or other wireless headphones.