If You Love to Read, Grab the Kindle Paperwhite Black Friday Deal Right Now

I love to read. And while I enjoy the experience of reading real books from the bookstore or library, sometimes it’s not practical to carry them around. That’s where an e-reader can come in handy: It lets you store hundreds of books on a small device. Even better, e-readers allow you to adjust the font and line spacing to help your eyes find the most comfortable way to read. Oh, and they also come with built-in front lights that illuminate the page without causing additional eye strain. 

The latest Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best versions of the device Amazon has ever made, and it’s currently on sale for an all-time low of $95. The Paperwhite is waterproof, comes with a larger 6.8-inch 300 ppi E Ink screen, speedy page performance and an insane 10 weeks of battery life. It also features an adjustable warm light that can shift the screen shade from white to amber — a feature that was previously only available on the $250 Kindle Oasis

I’ve owned many versions of the Paperwhite in the past and this is by far the best one yet. I purchased mine at the beginning of September and have yet to recharge the battery. I love the physical page-turning buttons on the Oasis and wish they had made them for this version of the Paperwhite. That said, I honestly think its improved battery life, fast performance and uniformly lit screen allows the Paperwhite to beat the Oasis as the absolute best e-reader on the market. 

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