An exploded diagram of the spot welder. Shown are the capacitor bank, trigger, 12 V relay, DC power input, power out, step up converter, voltmeter, industrial SCR module, and capacitor bank.

Do it yourself location welders often use significant-powered components that can be a bit horrifying, specified the probable for dangerous malfunctions. [Wojciech “Adalbert” J.] built his capacitive discharge place welder to be safe, easy to develop, and forego the microcontroller.

Many jobs do the job excellent with just a single Li-ion cell, but when you have to have much more ability, you’ve obtained to start connecting much more cells with each other into a battery. [Wojciech]’s location welder is made to be just highly effective ample to weld nickel tabs onto a cell with no any overkill. The capacitor financial institution uses nineteen Nichicon UBY 7500uF/35V capacitors, all wired in parallel working with solder wick saturated with solder. They sit atop on a perfboard with metallicized holes to have the superior recent.

[Wojciech] has specific just about every phase of setting up the welder, which include alterations to the off-the-shelf relay board and including a potentiometer to the step-up converter board. The level of detail will make this look like a very good beginning spot if you’re hoping to hop into the entire world of Diy spot welders. Protected is constantly a relative phrase when working with large powered units, so be careful if you do attempt this create!

Diy place welders have graced these electronic web pages numerous situations, like this one particular crafted with basic safety in thoughts, and this other one particular that was decidedly not.

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