Hackaday Prize 2022: A Cheap And Effective Mouth Joystick Mouse

Some individuals have concerns using typical computer mice, and want alternative input products that fit their demands. [Olman Orozco] built an cost-effective mouth-joystick meant to do the job as a mouse to go well with that pretty use case.

A easy frame will allow the controller to be held in the vicinity of the mouth for use.

The make is based mostly on a easy USB gamepad. A mouse emulator software is utilized to flip the thumbstick actions into mouse movements, and button presses into mouse clicks.

The trick is that the thumbstick is turned into a mouth-activated joystick, creating the system excellent for these with confined-to-no motion in their arms. This is obtained with a pen system utilised to lengthen the joystick so it can be easily actuated with the mouth. A personalized puff-switch is also integrated into the mouth-joystick, built out of a balloon, bottle caps, and a micro switch. This enables the person to click on on factors devoid of the will need for another button.

General, it is a good hack that turns low-priced, each day factors into a practical piece of accessibility components. As a reward, it can be built utilizing only basic applications. [Olman] notes there’s no want for a 3D printer or other highly developed areas or instruments to develop the unit.

Game controllers are generally vital devices when it will come to accessibility hacking, as we’ve noticed in advance of.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=HWGbCbH9KBU

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