Chris Akolo To Run JuicyScore Operations In Kenya

Global vendor of anti-fraud and risk management solutions, JuicyScore, has appointed Chris Akolo as its Regional Business Development Director for Kenya.

Akolo will be in charge of risk management and antifraud for online businesses within the East Africa region.

In his new role, Akolo will focus on expanding the company’s business in digital lending, banking, insurance sub-industries, and other industries by building a solid pipeline of prospects and managing client portfolios in Kenya.

He will also help the Digital financial industry with automated usage of alternative data by Digital lending providers in determining their credit score and fraud prevention; increase the call for financial inclusion as a critical pillar in our country’s vision 2030 by utilizing device scoring (alternative data), especially to the unbanked (new to credit) or low-income earners; and increase revenue and coverage in East Africa Market.

JuicyScore recently expanded its operations in Kenya as it offers anti-fraud and risk management solutions to digital lenders, insurance companies, e-commerce, and classifieds and create technologies for fraud prevention in online business and financial products risk reduction.

Headquartered in Singapore and Dubai, JuicyScore provides cutting-edge solutions to over 80 clients in over 25 countries. The core competitive advantage is that company does not utilize personal or sensitive data and direct consumer identifiers.

Alternative data is perceived to have significant potential to improve the status quo by enhancing the accuracy of lending scores through achieving better risk separation and rendering many clients able to access credit facilities.

Chris Akolo is a graduate of University of Nairobi, Kenya (Bachelor of Commerce-Marketing). Being a highly accomplished, deeply driven, development expert with more than 10 years of experience working for licensed credit bureaus in Kenya, Akolo is also commercially astute with extensive experience in client acquisition, business, and portfolio development.

JuicyScore solutions prevent application fraud, account takeover, multi-account fraud, and bonus hunting. The solutions may also be used as a sole antifraud platform for online businesses.

The firm’s stable probabilistic Device ID with low false positives is independent of the device manufacturer and complies with all privacy policies.

The wide technological stack includes randomization, anonymization, and virtualization detection as well as detection of remote control. JuicyScore provides AI-based credit scoring, this “alternative data” can detect reliable, predictive patterns and help in financial inclusion and greater penetration of credit.

On average, JuicyScore clients get over 10 ROI. API is unified for both web and mobile channels. The solution is fully compliant with current and prospective regulating rules, browsers’ and operational systems’ security policies.

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