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One of only a few canines to have a monument constructed in their honour, the Dogo Argentino is proudly displayed in the central plaza. No prizes for identifying the country of origin for this lovely guy since the name of his breed provides a clue as to his noble ancestry. The Argentine origin of this breed is unique. In terms of energy, this massive canine is second to none. This dog, the Dogo Argentino, is best left in the hands of seasoned dog lovers. A leader who can exercise firm control over Dogo is essential. People frequently compare him to the canine Sylvester Stallone, Rocky. The dog requires good care and needs to be kept well-maintained since it is a high-quality breed.

This isn’t your type if you need a dog for indoor companionship. They are not couch potatoes and would rather be hard at work. Because of their questionable reputation and the fact that they are prohibited in places such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, the Dogo will require early socialisation, which would help them become well-rounded.

If you’re determined on the breed, keep in mind that you’ll need to start teaching your new puppy as soon as you bring them home since even a little puppy may rapidly grow too much for an untrained owner. This sturdy dog has a short coat that doesn’t need much maintenance and doesn’t have the normal big breed health problems.

That which has been covered thus far is the tip of the iceberg regarding this species. In the next piece, we’ll go over all these factors in depth so you can understand how much time and effort they would require.


You may be forgiven for mistaking this dog for a person with an albinism walking stick Corso at first sight! Dogo Argentinos are sturdy canines with short white coats and spots of black around the eyes, ears, and face. Their robust, well-defined chest and shoulders are linked to a gently arched back. Dogo Argentinos have a short snout and a slightly inclined nose, contributing to their excellent sense of smell. Their black oval eyes are equally spaced beneath a protruding forehead. The tips of their triangular ears may perk up or hang down slightly. A straight and thin tail characterises them. They are huge canines, weighing about 88–100 pounds and reaching a height of up to 26.5 at the shoulders.


The Dogo Argentino stands out due to its dazzling white coat, which is unusual for a member of the Mastiff family. There are not many dog breeds, but this is one among them. It is what makes them stand out as a unique breed. They were all painted the same colour so that hunters could locate them more readily in the varied landscape of Argentina.

One distinguishing feature of Dogo that sets them apart from other dogs is their unusual dental arch. The canine’s front teeth are perfectly aligned, forming a square dental arch, providing a greater surface area with each bite and a more powerful grip. It tells they would require really well dental care.

Remember that although this dog enjoys time spent in a yard & does best in warmer areas, you should not leave them alone if you live in a cooler region.

Essentials for Survival

Dogo Argentinos perform well in open spaces with many activities, such as a farm or ranch.

Because they were bred to protect his family and farm from animals that could be harmful, the Dogo Argentino does best when he is constantly put to work.

“Extremely affectionate” is how the Canadian Dogo Argentino Club describes the relationship these dogs have with their owners. Dogs are great house pets if their owners provide them with enough mental and physical exercise and proper training and socialisation.


Dogo Argentinos have short coats that don’t take much work to maintain; all you need to do is brush them once a week with a brush and a hound glove and wash them if they become filthy. As the short coat sheds, frequent brushing is necessary to remove the excess hair.

Nails need to be checked routinely, and if they are growing, they need to be cut regularly to prevent your pet from experiencing unnecessary discomfort. If you start grooming your pet while he is young, he will grow more tolerant of others handling his paws, lips, and ears.


You should consider getting a dog, Argentino, even if you already have kids. Although they are not the best choice for first-time dog owners, those who value athletic, clever, and fearless companions will like this breed.

They need your time and effort, and you must cultivate friendly relationships with visitors. Moreover, be prepared to engage their mind and body with some lively activities. A Dogo Argentino is a perfect companion for hunters, hikers, and anyone who enjoys spending time in nature.

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