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When it comes to looking after your web site, you always want to make sure that you’re giving it all the attention it needs so it is always at its best, working towards fulfilling its purpose. While having web hosting services  can be an important factor in how you build your website, usability and design are also very important factors that contribute to how your users interact with your website. This article presents some basic advice to ensure the success of your online presence.

For starters, a general rule of thumb is to not use splash pages. Splash pages are those pages you see first when you visit a website. They are usually made up of very attractive images and welcoming text that tries to entice visitors to click further to enter the site. In reality, however, splash pages are nothing more than a grand doorway with no real objective. You should not give your precious visitors reason to go for the “back” button and move on to another site. Forget about splash pages. Present your site’s value upfront so that they get hooked right away to what you have in store for them. visit

Next to basic advice – go easy on your banner ads. Even those people who don’t know much about web sites and the web, on the whole, have learned to ignore banner ads, so it will just be a big waste of valuable web site space if you use this kind of ad in excess. It is best, instead, to just pile up your pages with valuable content and sprinkle pertinent affiliate links into your articles. This will make your visitors feel more like wanting to make a purchase than just being pushed to buy.

Another aspect of your site that you need to be very particular about is its navigation menu. It is always best to provide a straightforward and user-friendly navigational feature on your web site, something that even a non-savvy surfer will be able to use conveniently. Steer clear of complex Flash-based or multi-leveled drop-down menus. If your visitors get confused about finding their way around your site, they will simply leave.

Adding audio to your site is another source of annoyance for your visitors. If you want people to spend much time browsing your site and going over your content, you have to be certain that they are not irritated by some looped audio playing on the background. In case the audio is essential to the theme of your web site, you must ensure that your visitors have a way of controlling the sound volume.

Finally, the most important thing to keep in mind when setting up your web site is to have it hosted by a reliable provider. Make sure that you’ve done the necessary research before picking a web host for your site. Look around for reviews posted by other webmasters and web site owners, and come up with a shortlist of providers from which you will make your final choice.

Heeding the above-mentioned recommendations will make life easier for you once you’ve decided to establish an online business through your own web site