Link building is always changing and becoming more important in allowing search engines to discover new web pages and to help determine how well a page should rank in their results.  Links could be seen as a vote of confidence about a page—another way of saying that the page is a good resource.

Search engine optimization can use link building techniques to create high-quality links to a website that will help it rank better and get more traffic.  Quality in this aspect is crucial because Google filters out low-quality links that directly impact SEOs. 

If you want to use links that will impact your web performance online, you need to make sure that the techniques you choose focus on quality.  Consider these tactics in link building to achieve high-quality links.

Build High-probability Link Channels

Websites that have linked to you in the past are more likely to link to you again.  You can build a fully searchable database of websites who have previously linked to you using Ahrefs Site Explorer and Google’s CSE and by following these steps:

  • Find all websites already linking to you
  • Load the websites into custom search engine
  • Use the search engine to find likely link prospects for future content

Replicate the Link Profiles of Your Competitors

Most of your competitors are actively investing in link building just like you.  While they are actively trying to build backlinks, you can get access to the link tracking of your competitor through this process:

  • Research the competition (similar websites in your niche with many links)
  • Figure out how your competitors are building links
  • Replicate their tactics

Use Existing High-Intent Blog Posts to Get Featured

Blog posts that contain top tools or products in your specific niche have the potential to drive higher intent traffic.  This is because they are ranked for investigational intent keywords.  Here’s how you can find opportunities to uncover all toll lists where your competitors are featured:

  • Make a list of competitor domains
  • Enter each domain into the Ahrefs Site Explorer
  • Go to the Backlinks report
  • Set filters for one link per domain, link type, platform, and language
  • Extract all the list of backlink opportunities
  • Export the results from Ahrefs and review the results
  • Use a tool like to find the author name and email address of the tools in the cleaned list
  • Send an outreach script to each prospect to mention your product in their tools list

Use Deep Broken Link Building

Broken link building focuses on links that are no longer available.  This technique has proven and tested to bring in links a lot faster than asking a website to try out your products or services and review them.

You can use a tool like Power Mapper to find broken links on any website.  Then follow these steps after you found broken links:

  • Replicate the content on your website
  • Reach out to the person or website linking to the broken link and suggest that they change the broken link to the working link which is the replicated content on your website.  It’s asking them to link to your website in return for the help.

Create Quality Content

Nothing beats the technique of perfecting your content to be able to give people reason to share your links.  Here are tips on creating high-quality blog posts:

  • Content should be industry-related that will interest your customers on a consistent basis
  • Write something interesting and valuable
  • Pay attention to details 
  • Fully elaborate on a topic by trying to make long pieces of content (1,142 words—the average length of a typical blog post)
  • Do not use filler content or stuffing keywords where they don’t make sense
  • Focus on readability
  • Use original content ideas

Tactics, Techniques, and Strategies in Link Building

Tactics or techniques are the actual means used to gain an objective. Strategies are the overall plan.  

The link building techniques you have just learned are not the only techniques you can use to get lots of links to your page but you can start building a healthy link profile with them.  

Keep in mind that the quality of your links is paramount to your goal allowing Google and other search engines to discover you and rank you higher.