You can still clock-in": Tech-y ways to overcome COVID-19 disruption

The Coronavirus era has made many companies where it is possible to encourage remote working. The people who work in such organizations fell among the lucky ones that didn’t have to lose their job or go on an equivalent of a forced leave without pay due to the pandemic. Many management technologies are becoming increasingly useful that you can use to manage your employees. Some of such management technologies are discussed subsequently.

Camera and camera-related applications

One of the major technologies that have helped a lot of people work remotely during the Coronavirus pandemic and before is the camera and camera-related apps. You can read work services reviews to learn more about technologies that you can use as a management staff. With the aid of the camera and camera-related apps, management staff can hold face-to-face meetings with other staff and it would be the closest they can have to a meeting where they are physically present. Some of that software sometimes have features that allow for uploading of files and making presentations implying that PowerPoint presentations and videos could be played during the meeting to further pass across the information.

Spy app

Another app that has been useful for management staff is spy apps such as Spyera. With spy apps, it is possible to know if your staff is working or not. This is especially when the staff is expected to work within certain work hours. During that period, the spy app can regularly snap the screen of the worker and send it to the management staff or supervisor’s email. The supervisor will subsequently be able to judge if the staff worked properly or not.


Even though the email is not a recent technology, even in the work environment, its usage has increased significantly since the coronavirus pandemic. Management staffs can send instructions to other staff through their mail. Similarly and when applicable, the staff can also mail the completed work to the management staff or any other staff as instructed for further action. Hence, the email is another tool that management staff has found useful during the Coronavirus.

Mobile phone

The mobile phone has also become increasingly important for employers and employees since the outbreak of the pandemic. When a staff is needed immediately and they seem not to be online at the moment, they could be reached directly on their phones through a phone call at any time. There are also several instances where management staff prefers to call an employee when they want to pass across information (especially when it is lengthy and/or they want immediate feedback within the shortest possible time) as opposed to composing an email or other forms of messages.

Website and Social media platforms

Websites and Social media platforms have also become increasingly useful for management staff. It is one of the major ways they relate with their customers, hence, it provides them with the opportunity to update their customers. In addition to emails and text messages, management staff can inform their customers about developments within their company including if they are still receiving orders or not as well as when their physical branches will be open. The platforms also come in handy in receiving feedback from customers.