The impressive selling performance of the Vivo V15 Pro has been getting more publicity. It is available in a very attractive price tag and offers innovative features like a virtual keyboard, an integrated GPS navigation system, a high-end digital camera with OIS camera assisted real time video recording, a 2.4-inch multi-touch trackball, a large LED display, a high-end audiophile sound system with loud and clear music output, wide connectivity options including Bluetooth, USB, memory card, MMS, and Dual SIM support. All these features together provide a perfect mobile phone that can be used to bring the advantages of the World Wide Web into your hands.

The unique selling proposition of the Vivo V15 Pro comes with a dual memory card. One is expandable and can be replaced with a new one. The other can be used as a storage unit to keep important data like contacts, videos, and photos. Either one can be used as the primary memory of the phone or can be placed in a slot on the bottom side of the phone which acts as a miniature flash drive.

Act as a remote control for the camera

Another amazing feature of the Vivo V15 Pro is its ability to act as a remote control for the camera. You can easily take pictures and watch videos without looking at your mobile phone. It can be very useful if you want to capture your best moments. In addition, it can also act as an outdoor security camera that can record videos and still photos for further reference. The Vivo 15 Pro is designed in such a way that it can easily connect to the internet via WiFi or mobile broadband.

User-friendly Functionalities

One thing to be noted about the vivo v15 pro is that it has a lot of user-friendly functionalities. The Vivo mobile phone has integrated GPS navigation facility along with many other useful functions that help you to perform a number of functions with ease. It has an inbuilt calendar which helps you schedule appointments and events. It also helps you to plan and store information, even in the form of emails and text messages.

Customizable Functionalities

The Vivo V15 Pro comes with a number of customizable functionalities. For example, you can activate or deactivate certain functions according to your needs and requirements. This is a great feature as you do not have to be dependent on your family or friends for constantly visiting websites and checking email. The phone also supports interactive functions which allow you to chat with your friends and create new online friends.

The Vivo V15 Pro is a highly versatile device that provides all the necessary functions for your everyday activities. It offers the complete mobile phone experience that makes your work easy. It is not only an ordinary mobile phone but is a superior device that comes loaded with many handy functions.