Cryptocurrency is known for its volatile nature, but it’s witnessed an unprecedented plunge recently. Cryptocurrency markets have registered a new low of 2022, with the global market cap shrinking to $1.02 trillion. Where can you find the best support with cryptocurrency merchant services? This article is here to help you. 

Cryptocurrency Crashing 

The cryptocurrency crash made people get down to finding the reason behind the plunge. The main trigger for the crypto fall is thought to be the fact that investors started selling off massively amid rising inflation fears. 

What’s more, crypto lender Celsius announced pausing of all account withdrawals and transfers because of “extreme market conditions.” Currently, investors are staying away from riskier assets, which is affecting the stock markets as well.

Did you know that the consumer price index reported the highest inflation since 1981? This has resulted in a sharp downturn in financial markets across the world. As for the top cryptos, the biggest and most popular one, Bitcoin dropped below $22,000.

Falling Digital Currency Markets

The global market for digital currencies plunged below $1 trillion, as reported. This is down from $3 trillion registered in fall 2021. Besides, this is the lowest point for the whole market since February last year. 

The emotions were overwhelming when Bitcoin started to fall. Bitcoin’s drop below $23,000, which was the lowest point in 18 months, some viewed this as just another red point. Others considered the plunge to be more than just a red point. They think this is a sign that the system could be breaking.

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Crypto Markets Falling: News for the World 

Financial markets are in turmoil, which has resulted in a cryptocurrency market crash. Crypto markets have registered the lowest point. It’s critical to work with a respectful merchant services provider to get the best support with cryptocurrency merchant processing. 

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