Online videos is a growing trend and companies that want to retain their share of the market, need to embrace these changes and make use of video in order to reach their entire audience with ease.

It is a fact that more than forty five percent of all internet users will watch at least one video each month, the majority will watch numerous videos. The younger generation also tend to rely on video blogs (vlogs) over written blogs, which means in order to reach your entire customer base and beyond, you have to embrace video and ensure that you have set yourself apart from competitors to get your share of the market without delay.

In order for any business to grow these days, companies need to have videos in place. The video can be anything from introducing the company to how to videos. Many companies use the video opportunity to share information on new products, give a full detailed review which enables potential buyers to not only learn about the product, but to see it as well.

Online video platforms are also referred to as OVP’s and they are a way to provide employees with training or to reach customers with latest information, product reviews, descriptions and more. Video can be used for a variety of different elements within the company and with a good quality OVP, you are able to identify who can gain access to each video. This means if you are using video to train staff, you can ensure only staff can access those videos, while product reviews and company information which you want accessible to everyone is available to anyone who wants to view it.

The good news for all companies is that the majority of online video platforms are relatively easy to use. These companies understand that businesses are not run by videographers and editors and therefore they have taken a relatively complex solution and make it quick, easy and simple. This enables companies to store, archive, search and manage their video content with complete ease at any time and with confidence, knowing their clients can access it with ease.

Another benefit of online video platforms is the cost. While there are a few free options available, to get a quality solution that is going to provide you with a range of tools you can rely on and trust, you are going to want to pay. The good news is that these are usually modular or scalable in design, which means you pay for what you need. This means the company can start on the smallest package and as the company grows and their video library grows, they can upgrade to the next package. On average, the prices for a good quality online video platform is affordable and can easily be worked into your monthly advertising budget.

You will find the majority of OVP’s are third party compatible, but not all of them, so watch out for this. When looking at the benefits of online video platforms, you will see that you can share, tag and message videos on third party websites. This is a major bonus which provides you with an increase in visibility, while enabling you to keep your videos in one place and yet share them throughout the internet as needed.

The online video platform will enable you to share your content via social media, reach your audience and have them share on other sites, as needed. All in all the system is quick and easy to use and compatible with most other third party sites. In addition to this, most OVP’s are also easily integrated into your existing software solutions.

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